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FinTech Meet Up 2022

March 22 - 24, 2022 | Virtual

About FinGoal

Complete Data
Ensure you have a complete 360 degree view of your users by enriching your data and bringing in outside data into your product.
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Analyze Data
Users vote with their wallets. Analyze data to derive your users values, behaviors, and intent.
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Actionable Data
Provide your users with personalized calls to action based on their values and spending.
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Meet With Our Team

David Nohe headshot

David Nohe

David spent several years at Apple launching the original iPhone in the US and in the UK. From there, David moved at the intersection of financial technology & healthcare innovation working on new ways to reduce waste and help people afford the healthcare they need. David co-founded FinGoal with a singular goal: to serve the innovators who are helping regular folks take back control of their financial life.
Meet with David
Mark Lucier headshot

Mark Lucier

Mark has spent 15 years across five early stage SaaS companies, all out of Boulder county, emerging as a go-to-market specialist. Three of the five have been acquired and the remaining two are still going strong. Mark joined FinGoal in August as VP of Growth, and enjoys the human-oriented mentality of the fintech industry.
Meet with Mark
Ariam Sium headshot


Ariam joined FinGoal with a wide range of experience in product management, entrepreneurship, and business development. After receiving her undergrad degree, she went on to work on her own tech start up and later joined Lowe's as a product manager in it's E-commerce Division.
Meet with Ariam