Personalized Offers

Current State

Currently, financial institutions produce several generic offers that will be advertised to all members in the same way. This will naturally lead to low conversion rates – one size does not fit all. Users have come to expect a highly personalized experience, even down to the language used in the promotions they receive.

71% of consumers expect personalization and 76% of consumers get frustrated when they don’t find it.

Missing your target audience can not only cost institutions in lack of conversions, but it can greatly impact user perception and satisfaction.

Future State: Personalized Offers

FI's have the opportunity to provide highly personalized offers that align with users' spending and lifestyle as they have access to their users' financial transactions. Institutions can leverage this user data to craft highly personalized and relevant offers for their members.

As shown in the example above, FinGoal can analyze a user's transactions to determine if they have also been using their account to start managing a small business. With this knowledge a financial institution can target offers to users such as these (ie to open separate business accounts and/or small business loans).

Three Steps to Personalized Offers

1. Institution shares user permissioned transaction data with FinGoal.
2. FinGoal analyzes user transactions and segments audiences.
3. FinGoal shares segmented data along with copy/artwork for targeted offers to segments.

Success Indicators

Increased click rate of offers leads to increased conversions. When users get offers that are relevant and feel personalized, they are more likely to click to learn more. Once a user clicks, they are more likely to convert.

20 X

Return on Investment

$20 ROI per $1 from companies that use advanced personalization -- see 20 times the return on investment for spending on personalization.

Plus the benefits of increased user satisfaction, retention of current users, and new user acquisition.

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