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Users vote with their wallets. We build rich end user profiles based on how users spend their money and use those profiles to develop customized calls to action for the user on their spending transactions.
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How It Works

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Send user transaction data (historical and current) to FinGoal via API.
Enrich your own data and bring in outside data. Learn more.
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Transactions are matched with profiles built by FinGoal based on consumer values and preferences.
How does FinGoal create consumer profiles? Learn more.


FinGoal's API returns back Calls to Action from our comprehensive collection.
What do we mean by Calls to Action? Learn more below.

Unique Calls to Action

Using the FinGoal API, you can have persona-based calls to action automatically being surfaced in your user’s transaction feed. We can give users hyper-personalized advice everywhere they spend money, from subscriptions to insurance to a cup of coffee and everywhere in between.
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Advice Not Ads

When users rely on great actionable insights that feel like advice, not ads, they habitually act on more of them.

Reduce Churn

Our advice is associated with particular transactions but can be distributed in very engaging ways.


Better data and tagging leads to a strong foundation on which to build geo-based community engagement.

Increase Lifetime Value

Provide users with a plethora of actionable insights and recommendations that evolve with them over time.
Check out our Demo video to see all of our Data Made Actionable features and how you can provide your users with hyper-personalized calls to action.

Have personalized calls to action in your product quickly

FinGoal builds developer-first products. Add personalized calls to action to your product within a 1 to 2 sprint period and make your first API call in minutes.
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Personalize your digital banking experience.

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