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Personalization for Digital Banking

FinGoal is an insights platform that sits on top of digital banking and personal finance data. We enrich this data and build rich profiles of each end user enabling us to provide users with customized calls to action on their transactions.
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Complete Data

Ensure you have a complete 360 degree view of your users by enriching your data and bringing outside data into your product.
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Analyzed Data

We analyze data to build the richest possible profile of your users based on how they vote with their wallet.
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Data Made Actionable

We develop personalized calls to action for each end user based on their rich profiles right in their digital experience.
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Learn more about how FinGoal's Insights Platform can elevate the digital banking experience for end users.

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"Find Money from FinGoal allows us to hyper-personalize our advice and insights, simplifying the path to financial wellness and making it a reality for the masses."

Ashleigh Craven
CMO, Pocketnest
"With the ability to integrate very quickly with financial institutions, the sky is the limit. The integration can power personal financial management, subscription management, loan origination… it can power just a little bit of everything. Because it’s all about data, and the more data that you have, the more services you can offer."
Daryl Thornton
SVP of Product, Constellation
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"Not only did you help blow us away with your tech; you managed to do with with style, and to power product features that are really important to us and our customers."

Yemi Rose
CEO at OfColor

Personalize your digital banking experience.

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