Get a 360 View of Your Users

Users can link their accounts just once and permission you and fintechs across your platform to access to their data. With access to a user's complete data, you can provide levels of personalization they have come to expect.

Get better cost structures by only having to pay for linked accounts once across your platform, and implement competing features, such as

We can help with:
✓  Account Aggregation
✓  Instant Account Verification.

Simplify and Elevate Member Experience

Users only have to link accounts once and can now see comprehensive advice and a glimpse of their financial outlook.

Cross-Promotion of New Offers and Services Made Easier

Having full access to a member's off-bank data encourages and expedites the members' adoption of a credit union's products and services.

Better Pricing than Anything Else on the Market

As a Digital Banking Platform partner service, Link Money is the most cost effective option out there.

Data Enrichment

FinGoal's Insights Platform Data Enrichment solution ensures your on and off-bank data is accurate and reliable. With superior categorization and more informative data fields, Data Enrichment will enable you to compete with the most popular features digital banking currently provides.

With FinGoal Transaction Data Enrichment:
✓ Clean Data
✓ 750+ Categories
✓ Transaction Tagging
✓ Addition of Logos
✓ Location
✓ More accurate descriptions

Create meaningful partnerships that are valuable to your members.

Understanding your community's habits will help your forge relationships with the local merchants your members frequent.

Engage the right user with relevant insights, promotions and offers.

Example: John just went from paying elementary school fees to middle schools fees. Now he may want to start a College Savings account.

Identify probable cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Example: Mike's monthly mortgage payment with another bank just went up $200. Now you could send a promotion to refinance with a lower interest rate.

Switch Data Aggregators

Are you experiencing pain points with your current data aggregator? Is there a different aggregator that would better fit your needs? Our Aggregator SwitchKit makes it easier than ever to switch to a new data provider in minutes, not months.

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Check out our Demo video to learn more about our Complete Data features and how you can get a 360 degree view of your users.

FinGoal White Papers

The Importance of Data Enrichment

The future of digital banking is clean, categorized, and enriched data. The current state– without transaction data enrichment – leaves institutions with unnecessary costs and users who feel more frustrated with their banking experience. Data enrichment is the first crucial step institutions must take before adding additional features to their platform.

Switching Financial Data Aggregators

Loss of customers due to link breakages, over pricing, messy data, and missing connections are only a few of the pain points heard and experienced by FinGoal's product team. We built a solution to switch aggregators so that fintechs and financial institutions can leverage the benefits provided by another aggregator.

Features to Consider When Choosing An Aggregator

Each data provider is different. Some offer better cost structures, cleaner data, improved support, or more transparency. As companies have matured, they are looking for a better aggregator that will provide the data they need to build the best products and services.