Account Aggregation
and Verification

Users can connect their accounts instantly for a 360 view of their financial picture.
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In order for financial services providers to create unparalleled user experiences, they must have access to the off-bank data they need to get 360-views of their account holders. Sharing that data is cumbersome for users and access is expensive for everyone involved in that digital banking ecosystem.
FinGoal instantly verifies and seamlessly connects your users' off-bank data to the digital banking core enabling universal access for the institution and the fintechs that serve them.

Use Cases For Account Aggregation & Verification

Complete 360 View Of User Accounts

Lending and Offers

Access to user accounts and balances enables you to power offers to users.

Transfers And Payments

Enables users to transfer money seamlessly between accounts and pay their bills in one place.

Why FinGoal?

Connections to the most financial institutions both big and small.

Consistent and reliable account connections to all institutions.

Cost Savings
Pay per user and not per account. These cost savings enable you to provide exceptional quality experiences to your users.

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