FinGoal Marketing Guides

Marketing Guide for Prospective Wealth Management

This document serves as a guide for FI’s partnering with FinGoal and implementing Next Best Actions, with a focus on promoting wealth management services.

Marketing Guide For Securing Top Of Wallet Status

Attaining top-of-wallet status is no simple task and requires a blend of effective marketing, enticing rewards and offers, and robust customer engagement. This marketing guide serves as a resource for card issuers, with guidance right from the initial card activation process to the establishment of long-term loyal relationships between users and their credit cards.

Marketing Guide for Prospective Credit Card Users

In this go-to-market guide, we will outline a comprehensive strategy for FI’s to craft and execute successful campaigns aimed at attracting prospective credit card users. From defining audiences to leveraging data analytics for personalization, this guide provides a roadmap to drive conversions on credit card offers.