Personalized Offers

Target highly personalized offers that align with users' spending and lifestyle.
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Currently, financial institutions produce several generic offers that will be advertised to all members in the same way. This will naturally lead to low conversion rates – one size does not fit all.
Institutions have the opportunity to leverage user data to craft highly personalized and relevant offers for their members.

Use Cases For Personalized Offers


$20 ROI per $1 from companies that use advanced personalization – see 20 times the return on investment for spending on personalization.

Help users find the best place to keep their money

Notify users with new interest earning, investment or savings opportunities to help them grow their wealth.

Retain Users

When users begin adopting more of your products and services, they are more likely be lifelong customers.

Why FinGoal?

Financial Indicators
By analyzing a user's financial transactions, FinGoal can help you offer your products at the right time for each user – before they start researching.

Best In-Market Categorization
With over 750 categories, FinGoal knows where users are spending their money enabling more detailed personalization.

Merchant Tagging
FinGoal analyzes the merchants behind the transactions to learn more about users values by how they vote with their wallet.

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