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Currently, financial institutions produce several generic offers that will be advertised to all members in the same way. This will naturally lead to low conversion rates – one size does not fit all.
Institutions have the opportunity to leverage user data to craft highly personalized and relevant offers for their members.

Use Cases For Personalized Offers

Increase Product Usage of Existing Customers

Unlock the potential of transaction data analysis to uncover unique financial needs of individual customers. Tailor specific solutions that resonate with their circumstances, offering a personalized banking experience that drives increased product adoption and customer satisfaction.

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Increase Deposits To Your Institution

Harness the power of transaction data analysis to identify external financial engagements of customers. Leverage these insights to promote your institution's comparable services, consolidate financial activities, and increase deposits, driving robust growth for your institution.

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Convert Indirect Loan Customers To Other Products

Convert indirect loan customers into loyal patrons by leveraging transaction data insights. Discover their financial behaviors to offer personalized services like checking and savings accounts, and supplementary loans, nurturing stronger relationships and fueling institutional growth.

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Identify Business Owners

Our personalized offers reveal new and old businesses hidden in personal accounts, allowing financial institutions to offer tailored business banking services at the right time. Analyze transaction data to identify customers using competing products, refine your services, and strengthen business relationships for success.

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Why FinGoal?

Personalized Next Best Actions
FinGoal empowers financial institutions to tap into the full potential of transaction data. By analyzing user spending patterns, we can help suggest the next best action that perfectly aligns with each user's unique needs and current situation.

Best Damn Partner
FinGoal strives to be the best damn partner you've ever worked with.

Transaction Data Experts
The FinGoal team are experts on all things transaction data. From cleansing and enrichment, to tagging and insights, we have everything it takes to transform transaction data into personalized experiences.

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