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Transaction Enrichment and Tags

FinGoal's transaction data enrichment service streamline the transaction data pipeline to present easily identifiable transactions to users. This clean transaction data serves as the foundation for FinGoal to offer personalized advice and create personas. Our superior categorization will enhance your digital banking features and improve user experience. Our tags will enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns and digital banking experiences.
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Account Aggregation and Verification

Account aggregation allows user to connect multiple accounts from over 17,000 financial institutions. Account verification is an essential step to move funds between accounts.

Instant Account Verification provides that authorization immediately with more account security than micro deposit verification.FinGoal instantly verifies and seamlessly connects your users' off-bank data. Your users can permission accounts once providing universal access for the institution and the fintechs that serve them.

FinGoal is an implementation partner for Envestnet-Yodlee. After receiving FinGoal Developer Credentials, you can follow the Yodlee documentation.
For customers on our Legacy Link Money Configuration:
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Privacy and Security

FinGoal analyzes account holder credit and debit card spending in order to best understand each user at an individual level and match them with automated insights, advice, and recommendations to optimize their daily spending. Additionally, FinGoal can use this understanding of the user to help their financial institution (”FI”) better serve the user.
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