FinGoal White Papers & Case Studies

Ten Flavors of Calls to Action

FinGoal offers the opportunity to build Calls to Action directly into your digital banking platform. Using transaction data, relevant and simple insights are created to provide opportunities for saving in the user’s day to day spending. And each suggestion is designed to offer savings without sacrificing quality.

Five Insights into Personal Finance Attitudes

The FinGoal team interviewed over 1,000 individuals from all over the country to make sense of what people want from their digital finance experiences. Throughout those conversations, we noticed several themes emerging. Here are the five insights we distilled about people's relationship with money.‍

Features to Consider When Choosing An Aggregator

Each data provider is different. Some offer better cost structures, cleaner data, improved support, or more transparency. As companies have matured, they are looking for a better aggregator that will provide the data they need to build the best products and services.

Switching Financial Data Aggregators

Loss of customers due to link breakages, over pricing, messy data, and missing connections are only a few of the pain points heard and experienced by FinGoal's product team. We built a solution to switch aggregators so that fintechs and financial institutions can leverage the benefits provided by another aggregator.

Different Approaches to Insights and Offers

Most institutions have implemented programs to increase customer engagement. The intent is to drive users to their platforms, thus increasing deposits or spending with that institution. These different approaches to offers and insights that financial institutions and fintechs utilize and the benefits of each approach.

The Importance of Data Enrichment

The future of digital banking is clean, categorized, and enriched data. The current state– without transaction data enrichment – leaves institutions with unnecessary costs and users who feel more frustrated with their banking experience. Data enrichment is the first crucial step institutions must take before adding additional features to their platform.

Who Benefits From Calls to Action?

Calls to Action offer advice directly to the user and are tailored to the unique spending habits of the individual. Users vote with their wallet, and FinGoal’s insights are designed to help the individual save without sacrificing value.

Case Study: Rebatus | Switching from Plaid to Yodlee

Learn how FinGoal's Aggregator Switch Kit allowed Rebatus to reconfigure their aggregation strategy by helping them switch from Plaid to Yodlee.