Transaction Enrichment

Make sense of your data and avoid customer confusion.
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Messy transaction data leads to frustrated customers resulting in cost center calls and complaints.
With FinGoal's transaction data enrichment services, you can remove user confusion and create a modern interface. With its superior categorization you can provide popular digital banking features.

Use Cases For Transaction Enrichment

Modern User Interface

Clean transaction data and the addition of logos makes the mobile banking experience sleek and modern and removes user confusion.

Cross Selling Opportunities

With best of market categorization and tagging, FinGoal can help you identify the best cross-sell opportunities for your current users.

PFM Tools

Accurate and superior categorization can power personal finance tools.

Why FinGoal?

Best In-Market Categorization
With over 750 categories, FinGoal knows where users are spending their money enabling more detailed personalization.

Cost Savings
At only pennies per user, clean transaction data reduces call volumes and cuts down on false fraud claims.

Merchant Tagging
FinGoal analyzes the merchants behind the transactions to learn more about users values by how they vote with their wallet.

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The Importance of Data Enrichment

The future of digital banking is clean, categorized, and enriched data. Data enrichment is the first crucial step institutions must take before adding additional features to their platform.