Analyzed Data

Users vote with their wallets. We build the richest possible profile of each end user based on how they vote with their wallet.

Creating Profiles

The FinGoal Insights Platform looks at the whole user – beyond a single transaction or basic demographic data – to determine user values, preferences and intent.

We look at amounts spent, frequency of transactions, spending values, location data and more to develop a full picture of each end user.
We analyze every dollar a user spends and creates custom profiles and ‘micro-personas’ based on that spending.

We then use these rich profiles to develop customized calls to action for each end user that is displayed in their digital banking experience.
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Check out our Demo video to learn more about our Analyzed Data features and how you can get build rich profiles of each of your end users.

Make the Data Actionable

Currently, personas are used by the FinGoal internal product team to provide personalized Calls to Action for users.

We then use this rich profile data to make customized calls to action for these end users.

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