Security, Privacy, and Compliance

FinGoal Serves Trusted Financial Brands

FinGoal analyzes consumer credit and debit card spending in order to best understand each user at an individual level. FinGoal matches individuals with automated insights, advice, and recommendations to optimize their daily spending as well as provides banks with user personas to better target offer.

​Upon consumer authorization, FinGoal is sent feeds of consumer transactions from checking and credit accounts.  At no point does FinGoal ever transmit or hold a customer’s account numbers or password. FinGoal does not hold money for customers.

Although FinGoal never touches a user’s most financial sensitive information (e.g. SSN or card numbers), we do hold something equally important: their trust. As a white-labeled solution serving trusted financial brands, FinGoal must act with great care and stewardship over the entire data and experience flow.

In the interest of transparency, FinGoal makes our policies, controls, and architecture public. Security by obscurity has no place in modern financial services.


Security & Privacy (Policies + Controls)
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