Calls to Action

Deliver customized calls to action for users based on their spending and transactions.
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As consumers increasingly demand a more personalized banking experience, financial institutions are scrambling to add calls to action into their products. Building this functionality from scratch is labor intensive and a major roadmap hindrance.
Using the FinGoal API, you can have persona-based calls to action automatically being surfaced in your user’s transaction feed. We can give users hyper-personalized advice everywhere they spend money, from subscriptions to insurance to a cup of coffee and everywhere in between.

Use Cases For Calls To Action

Savings for your Users

Help your users save money across all their spending. Our insights help users to save between $50 and $100 each month.

Cross-sell your products

Use custom insights to cross- sell products or services on your platform that are relevant.

educational Insights

Build custom educational insights that can be used to help grow your users' financial literacy.

Why FinGoal?

1,100 Out Of The Box Insights
FinGoal has over 1,100 out-of-the-box insights – more than anyone else out there.

Highest Level Of Personalization Among Insights
FinGoal's insights go beyond surface level recommendations. We build rich end user profiles based on how users spend their money to develop our tailored calls to action.

Don't Sacrifice Value
Our insights don't force users to sacrifice the value they receive in the products and services they purchase. We deliver actionable, money-saving insights to users that are easy to implement and don't just suggest cutting spending.

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FinGoal White Papers

Calls to Action: Fortune 500 Case Study

1,000 users were analyzed for this project and the report will contain data on the results including: Calls to Action found per user, money found per user, and Calls to Action per category.

Different Approaches to Insights and Offers

Most institutions have added programs to increase customer engagement with the intent is to drive users to their platforms. Here, these different approaches are outlined and analyzed.

Who Benefits From Calls to Action?

Users vote with their wallet, and FinGoal's insights are designed to help individuals save without sacrificing value. Learn which types of users benefit most from FinGoal's Calls to Action.

Ten Flavors of Calls to Action

Using transaction data, relevant and simple insights are created to provide opportunities for saving in the users day to day spending. Learn about FinGoal's 10 different flavors of insights.