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Users vote with their wallets. We build rich end user profiles based on how users spend their money and use those profiles to develop customized calls to action for the user on their spending transactions.
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How It Works

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Send user transaction data (historical and current) to FinGoal via API.
Enrich your own data and bring in outside data. Learn more.
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Transactions are matched with profiles built by FinGoal based on consumer values and preferences.
How does FinGoal create consumer profiles? Learn more.
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FinGoal's API returns back Calls to Action from our comprehensive collection.
What do we mean by Calls to Action? Learn more below.

Unique Calls to Action

Using the FinGoal API, you can have persona-based calls to action automatically being surfaced in your user’s transaction feed. We can give users hyper-personalized advice everywhere they spend money, from subscriptions to insurance to a cup of coffee and everywhere in between.
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Increased Conversion on Offers

Providing your users with hyper-personalized offers to loans, accounts, credit cards, card linked offers, and rewards that best fit their needs and lifestyle results in highly increased conversion rates. Learn more.

Grow User Savings

When engaged users across your platform are each saving between $50 to $100 per month, opportunities for the institution grow. Not to mention, you'll be helping your users to reach healthy financial breathing room.

Acquire New Users

When you offer the innovative, personalized experience users are actively looking for from their bank, you are more likely to acquire new customers. Current users who are happy with their institution will communicate their positive experiences with friends and family.

Retention of Current Users

Provide users with a plethora of calls to action and recommendations that evolve with them over time. When users feel understood by their institution and are provided hyper-personalized experiences, they are more likely to stay with their current institution. An increase in lifetime value is ultimately an increase in profit for financial institutions.
Check out our Demo video to see all of our Data Made Actionable features and how you can provide your users with hyper-personalized calls to action.

Have personalized insights in your product quickly

FinGoal builds developer-first products. Add personalized and actionable insights to your product within a 1 to 2 sprint period and make your first API call in minutes.
Developers can start here to learn more.

FinGoal White Papers

Who Benefits From Calls to Action?

Calls to Action offer advice directly to the user and are tailored to the unique spending habits of the individual. Users vote with their wallet, and FinGoal’s insights are designed to help the individual save without sacrificing value.

Ten Flavors of Calls to Action

FinGoal offers the opportunity to build Calls to Action directly into your digital banking platform. Using transaction data, relevant and simple insights are created to provide opportunities for saving in the user’s day to day spending. And each suggestion is designed to offer savings without sacrificing quality.

Different Approaches to Insights and Offers

Most institutions have implemented programs to increase customer engagement. The intent is to drive users to their platforms, thus increasing deposits or spending with that institution. These different approaches to offers and insights that financial institutions and fintechs utilize and the benefits of each approach.

Five Insights into Personal Finance Attitudes

The FinGoal team interviewed over 1,000 individuals from all over the country to make sense of what people want from their digital finance experiences. Throughout those conversations, we noticed several themes emerging. Here are the five insights we distilled about people's relationship with money.‍

Personalize your digital banking experience.

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