Aggregator SwitchKit

We want to make sure that users and the fintech platforms they rely on can access the best data and most reliable connections. FinGoal's Aggregator SwitchKit is quick to implement; you can make a test call to our API in less than 6 minutes.
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FinGoal Aggregator Switch Kit
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Switching Aggregators Made Easy

Current State

Switching account aggregation, transaction data enrichment and account verification APIs is a time consuming and difficult process that could cause breakages and impact users.

Aggregator SwitchKit

Ditch and switch to an account aggregation, enrichment and account verification solution that best meets your company's needs. FinGoal has built a translation layer API that allows any engineering team to fully replace the current data aggregator in less than a sprint.

Complete Coverage

Get the best, most enriched and open data available in the industry.

Universal Access

Share the data in your ecosystem for the ultimate digital banking experience, eliminate data silos.

Cost Effective

There are better cost structures in-market, especially when sharing access within digital banking ecosystems.

No Added Friction For Users

The switch won't cause link breakages or outages for you users. Instead, it is an ongoing transition. When accounts need to be re-authenticated, the user will be prompted to verify those accounts.
Check out our Demo video to learn more about how Switching Aggregators is simple and can elevate your digital banking experience.

Switch in Six Minutes

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Features to Consider When Choosing An Aggregator

Each data provider is different. Some offer better cost structures, cleaner data, improved support, or more transparency. As companies have matured, they are looking for a better aggregator that will provide the data they need to build the best products and services.

Switching Financial Data Aggregators

Loss of customers due to link breakages, over pricing, messy data, and missing connections are only a few of the pain points heard and experienced by FinGoal's product team. We built a solution to switch aggregators so that fintechs and financial institutions can leverage the benefits provided by another aggregator.

Elevate your digital banking experience.

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