FinGoal March 2024 Product Updates: New Business Tags

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FinGoal March Product Update: New Business Tags

We're excited to announce the addition of new business tags in our FinGoal platform this March! These enhancements are designed to help you better identify and understand the financial behaviors of small businesses and various industry-specific transactions. Here’s what’s new and how you can leverage these updates for better cross-selling and marketing.

What's New

We've broadened our transaction tag offerings to include a diverse range of business income and expenses categories, helping you to pinpoint both existing and emerging small businesses. Our new tags cover a wide spectrum of sectors including:

  • BNPL Merchant Services (businesses using buy now pay later merchant services for its customers)
  • Industry Specific Merchant Services (business using industry specific merchant services, ie Toast for food businesses)
  • Affiliate, Childcare, Content Creator, Fitness, Healthcare, Mental Health Professional, Veterinary, Home Services, Rental Property, Food, Transport, Vehicle Rental, Florist, Pet, Photography, Event, and Financial Business Income Sources

Use Cases

These new tags open up a range of possibilities for enhancing your marketing and cross-selling strategies:

  1. Identify Hidden Small Businesses: Detect small business activities within consumer accounts. You can use these tags to target these customers for your business services product line to meet the unique needs of these burgeoning businesses.
  2. Better Market to Existing Business Customers: Use enhanced transaction data to understand the specific business categories your customers are involved in. This allows for more targeted and relevant marketing communications, offering products that directly address their business challenges and opportunities.

For a full list of FinGoal tags, see this document.